UncategorizedApril 26, 2018

$5 Logo is it worth it?

There is no right or wrong answer for this, if you’re not in a great place financially and you’re just trying to get started then it might be a good place to start. Sites like fiverr work great for those starting up with no clear business goals. Design Pickle offers it’s services at an affordable rate for the small jobs. They don’t take on major branding projects they handle the little things that every company will need like flyers, ad design, Facebook covers, etc.

Now for the person looking to start something but needs great insight into branding, design and marketing it is best if you find an actual Graphic Designer. We all know at least one reputable designer than can take care of your business needs but that’ll be discussed later in better details with the What Makes A Good Graphic Designer. I now offer consultation at a fee because of the knowledge I have gained over the years and the brands that I have help from just an idea to actual products now being available for purchase.

If you just need little things done and you don’t care to sit with someone that will help you elevate as a business then Design Pickle and Fiverr are great places to start. Many Designers feel like they are ruining the culture but in actuality if someone only wants to spend $5 for a Logo then they aren’t the customer for you and they can get what they pay for. This is not to insult Fiverr or Design Pickle as I send any clients that I know who doesn’t have the funds to work with me to them so they can see for themselves.

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