I Don’t Want To Make Your Logo!

No you didn’t read that headline wrong I really don’t. During my years as a Graphic Designer I’ve done plenty of Logo Designs for companies that have gone on to fail and it was through looking at them I learned a valuable lesson.

A Logo is meaningless without a Brand.

After switching from just doing logos to building brands I have learned a few things (I’ll disclose at a later date). Building Brands takes time and a lot of effort on my end. I spend weeks researching and preparing graphics and other essentials for my clients now so naturally I am charging more. The benefits outweigh the price increase as the money is made back. Your brand is more important than the thing you sell because people are technically buying you. Steve Jobs has a video where he discusses this fully I’ll leave it at the bottom.

So no I don’t want to make your logo, I can and I will but I’d rather build your brand with you and set you up for success. I’m currently working with 3 companies Pro Bono and looking to add 2 more Non Profits to that list to show people the power of a great Brand! Thank you for reading this mini rant more content is coming soon!





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